governmental relations

We  will identify the appropriate government agencies to assist with new growth areas.

MCE Partners

"Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge"

We will identify firms to purchase, finance and acquire businesses in the medical market space.

New Business Development

Governmental Relations

Managed Care Experts - Complex Capitation/Risk Negotiations

Medical Markets Mergers & Aquisitions

Medical/Nursing Students Placements: Residencies and Rotations

Managed Care

Over 30 years experience in negotiating complex reimbursement contracts with hospitals, insurers and physicians. 

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​​​​​Hospital c-level

We will maximize our extensive hospital CEO relationships nationwide and in the Carribean to place medical and nursing students in clinical rotations and residencies.

New Business Development

30 years of market experience in developing new business

opportunities. Extensive relationships

with executives, managers and

C - level decision makers.